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Idol Matsuri will take place on June 20-22, 2014 at the Silverdale Beach Hotel, in Silverdale Washington.
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Site Updates:

06/05/14 - The schedule is now live ladies and gentlemen. If ya wanna see how it all goes down just click This Link and check it out.

03/08/14 - The fundraiser is now officially underway once again! Please head on over to the Fundraiser page and see the awesome stuff we've put together for you. We'd like to thank our guests and friends for the many items that have been offered to help us generate the funds we need to bring real Japanese Idols all the way here.

02/17/14 - The pre-registration system, including day pass registration, is open again! If you register in the next 72 hours, you will GET $5 BACK just cuz we love you that much! (You'll want that extra $5.00 for idol goods at the con!) This also applies to day-passes! *Important* This is limited to the first 20 people.

Rates Calendar

Until November 9, 2013

“Early ‘Wota’ Special”
Regular attendee $25
Child (age 8-12) $15
Child (under 8) Free

Until February 15, 2014

Regular attendee $35
Child (age 8-12) $20
Child (under 8) Free

Until June 19, 2014

Regular attendee $45
Child (age 8-12) $25
Child (under 8) Free

So, where the heck is Silverdale?

Silverdale is a very nice town located across the water from Seattle. It's a pretty safe place and has a lot of shopping, restaurants, and the Kistap Mall all within walking distance. We would, of course, love to have Idol Matsuri in Seattle itself. In Seattle there are more amenities, more touristy opportunities and it's a bit more accessible for a large number of people. In fact we started out looking at venues in Seattle as well. After much deliberation we decided that having the event in Silverdale would be best for our first year for several reasons. Our number one reason is that we are still testing the waters in this market. We know there are tons of anime fans out there and many fans of the Japanese culture, but Idols are a very small sliver of that crowd. We need to see how many people are truly interested enough to go to a convention dedicated to Idols before we contract a large, expensive venue. Having the event at the Silverdale Beach Hotel will cost us approximately 1/4 of what a Seattle location would for the same size venue. This allows us to spend much more money on the convention itself and far less on the location. That being said, if pre-registration exceeds our space at the Silverdale Beach Hotel we will certainly be looking at a Seattle-based location. And of course if you guys pack the house this year you can certainly expect a bigger place next year!

The Silverdale Beach Hotel

Now, you may think that just because we're not in Seattle it won't be as nice... Well there you'd be wrong. The Silverdale Beach Hotel (as you may have suspected) is right on the beach. Most of the rooms have a view of the Dyes Inlet and right next door there is a waterfront park with beach access. There's even paddle boarding during the summer. The hotel is a beautiful spot with a bistro, a pool, a fire pit, a court yard, and beautiful rooms, many with their own porch or balcony. It's very picturesque and perfect for taking photos with all kinds of cool backdrops. All the pictures here are of the Silverdale Beach Hotel.

Our group rate is $105 - $115 a night depending on the type of view you want (city view or water view, respectively).

In able to get the discount, you need to call the hotel directly and menion the "Idol Convention" or "Idol Matsuri". Their number is (360) 698-1000.

Please note, the hotel will offer these special room rates until two weeks before the con. You have until Friday, June 5th to claim your room at the con rate, after that, rooms will be standard pricing. There are also a limited number of rooms available at the con rate, so claim yours early!

Silverdale Beach Hotel Silverdale Beach Hotel

How do we get to this wonderland?

For those that are flying in for Idol Matsuri you have a number of options. Probably the simplest is the Kitsap Airporter. It will conveniently pick you up at the airport and drop you off right at the hotel doors.

Kitsap Airporter

The Kitsap Airport is located at the Sea-Tac Airport's baggage claim area next to door 1. Tell them you need to take the airporter to Silverdale. The airporter comes every hour on the hour. The cost is $45 round trip, but if you have a group of more than 4 people it would be more cost-effective to split the cost of a private charter run by the Kitsap Airporter for the weekend for up to 11 people at $200. You cannot make reservations from, but you can make reservations to the airport.


Take the light rail from inside the airport to downtown Seattle. You will want to get off at the Pioneer Square station. Take a short, down-hill walk to pier 50 and take the Bremerton ferry which will take you into Bremerton. From there, take the bus right from the ferry station to the Silverdale Beach Hotel. Please note the buses have limited schedules. Please use the google maps widget below to plan your travel schedule.


Driving? We just happen to have an app that will help. But for those of you that are app challenged. If you're heading north on WA-16 (which turns into WA-3 at Gorst) just keep heading north until you see the Newberry Hill RD Exit. Take a right onto Newberry Hill RD. At the turning circle take the second exit which puts you on Silverdale Way NW. Continue straight until you see Bucklin Hill RD, turn right. The Silverdale Beach Hotel will be on your right. If you pass Taco Bell you've gone too far. But you'll know that because you can't see Taco Bell without looking right at the hotel.

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Silverdale Beach Hotel Silverdale Beach Hotel Silverdale Beach Hotel

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